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Thank you to Skye and her infinite patience. <3 <3 We took a million and five photos in one go, in order to upload lots of new pieces into the online shop. Click on an image to find more details for each item. Skye wears Livia Arena, Wendy Voon, Djur, Sunshine Symbol and Kara Liu.*Hello and [...]

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Pink buttons, blue ribbon.

The winner of our Romance Was Born pre-order competition was picked, and ribboned, on Monday. Well done Anne! Thank you very much to all elegant runners in the field. Anne's prize leaves just one large, soft, sturdy, lovely RWB backsac in the shop, with Pink Button print on one side, and Ragga Blossums on the [...]

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Love Mix Vol. II

The managers of this operation sincerely hope that you already know about 'Love Mix' ... the shop's current exhibition comprising garments and accessories from the early collections of Romance Was Born. It's a celebration of our long-term association with Romance (coming up on ten years!), in conjunction with the arrival of the brilliant 'Bush Magic' collection, [...]

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Love Mix Vol. I

Milly Sleeping is currently hosting a beautiful little exhibition, featuring garments and accessories by Romance Was Born. It is called 'Love Mix', because RWB once (way back when) sent us a mixed tape (okay, a CD) called the 'Milly Love Mix'. Said mixed tape has been playing on and off in the shop while the [...]

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Just so's you know...Milly Sleeping will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday but open on Saturday April 4 (10 - 5) *and* Tuesday April 7 (11 - 6). If you're spending the long weekend locally, there is a great deal of goodness in the shop, including new pieces by new labels [...]

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...*Hello and goodbye.

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Quick glance

"I have been told that I wear a lot black, white and navy!" said Kara Liu, in a recent interview (which will be published in a forthcoming Milly Sleeping newsletter) ... Beautiful monochrome garments from her second collection are now in store, and will be available online soon.PS. If you don't already receive our intermittent [...]

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Introducing Djur.

The latest additions to the online shop include sale items by Soot., Chorus and Raggatt, as well as beautiful A/W dresses by Djur - which is pronounced something like "yoo-oor" with a very, very soft (perhaps quite silent) 'D', and no 'J' please. Djur is the newest label to join Milly Sleeping. We are very pleased to [...]

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Lucky lasts

Pictured above: a few delicious hotcakes. Each of these pieces is now the last of its kind - available in the online shop - except the Primoeza Evie tops (bottom right), which can be snapped up via email. Sizing and prices below.*PS. Please note that the Romance Was Born X May Gibbs pieces *are* currently available but remain [...]

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Yesterday's double-bill city adventure - a trip to TCB Inc. to see beautiful 'Bouba' by Anna Varendorff and Haima Marriott (top) - followed by a return to Von Haus - a fluid catwalk, familiar faces, flags, feathers and general finery. The latter event - put on by S!X - was part of the VAMFF Cultural Program, now in full [...]

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