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At night : Sarah Watanabe


NIGHT was April's Insta theme - not exactly celebrating the end of daylight savings, but embracing the arrival of beautiful black and other midnight tones, the dark and decadent Queen of the Night collection by Romance Was Born, and lovely textured layers by Penny Sage and Monster Alphabets. I wondered vaguely about the routines of the people I know ... Who enjoys Winter, who treasures the night..? I took a punt and asked Sarah Watanabe, designer for Monster Alphabets and devotee of black, if she happens to be one of those people. Her thoughts, and a late-night pic of her studio below. Thanks Sarah!

Milly Sleeping: So, you identify with the term ‘night owl’..?

Sarah Watanabe: Yes. I feel I am the most productive after the sun goes down ...

Have you always been this way (as far as you can remember)?

Yes! I used to stay up till very late watching TV as a kid.. !

Do you work on your label at night?

What else would I rather be doing? Nothing! I love what I do!

Can you articulate why you like the night or why it stimulates you?

I feel that working at night allows me to focus...  I am less prone to be distracted by activities outside of my window... I get into this zone and sew like a mad woman ...

Do you think it has any relation to the work that you produce?

Very likely so - I love working in dark colours. Working at night helps with getting into the mood to create dark pieces.

What does your studio look like tonight?

I am making some scarves using our new knitting machine, so here is a pic of it! My studio is a little chaotic.. but organised chaos i promise!