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Changes to 'shipping'/post/pick-up


A new HQ plus a new schedule necessitate some changes to our postal routine.

I will now be doing mail runs twice a week - on Wednesdays and Sundays. Unless an urgent request is made -

orders placed between Sunday evening and Wednesday morning will arrive on Thursday or Friday (within Aus);

orders placed on Thursday through Sunday morning will arrive on Monday or Tuesday (within Aus).

Did you know that the bulk of orders are placed on Sunday evenings and Monday evenings? Fact.

Despite the horrendous and rapid increases to postal costs, we won't adjust our charges for now - it's still $5 for orders under $100, and free for orders above (or $10 for OS purchases).

A free 'pick-up' option has just been added if you would like to secure your purchase but collect it in person (which is much appreciated where possible). Collections from the Abbotsford Convent studio during trading hours are ideal - Thurs/Fri/Sat : 9am to 3pm - but you may also arrange a time to drop by the Elgin St. shopfront. 

Enquiries welcome any time: 9347 1333 or leah@millysleeping.com ...


Image above: Jeannette Lee, Chicago's first female letter carrier, in 1944. Photo courtesy, Smithsonian Institute.