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Chorus Monthly Editions


As I type, the lovely Cassandra and Lou of Melbourne label Chorus are in store - doing my job for me - 'merchandising' the windows. Tomorrow they will launch both a new collection and their neat new working model, called Monthly Editions. This model will see them releasing outfits (monthly, of course), which will be available to try and buy on a made-to-order basis only.

Sound a little familiar? This follows on from our successful first foray into made-to-order with Elizabeth + Birgitta. It's the kind of practice which makes a great deal of sense for a small, local label, and which appeals greatly to a small, local shop... Special pieces made in thoughtful, contained way - minimising excess.

The first Chorus 'edition' - a pant, a shirt, a long jacket and a scarf - is a beauty. Each garment is available in black wool, or white cotton in the case of the shirt... and/or a printed bamboo, featuring a stunning artwork by Catalonian-born, Melbourne-based artist, Maria Montes.

A sample set will be viewable in store and at Chorus's website for a two-week ordering period only - so plan to drop by soon! More imagery to follow shortly.