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Introducing Ivi Made.


August already...

This month's in-store treat is a display of new work by Ivett Simon or 'Ivi Made', as her label is called. Ivett makes leather bags and objects, almost entirely by hand (a very little machine stitching here and there). Her unique and lovely pieces are made exclusively from vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather, often hand-painted/treated by Ivett herself. We can tell you more about her material choices in store - for now, we simply invite you to drop in and see the various beautiful bags and belts and bits...

... and to read Ivett's own introduction to her label, which she very generously obliged us with - thanks Ivi!

IS: My brand ‘ivi made’ was one of those ideas that just came out of nowhere. It found me while I was sitting in my armchair basking in a rhombus-shaped bit of sunlight enjoying the warm orange tones behind my closed eyelids. This bag just swam in there somehow and made me devote myself to the dream of making wonderful bags for people.

I made this arrangement of leather things on the mantelpiece that day, which describes a certain *feel* really well. I intend to only make objects that fit with the feel of this image (see below). I’ve read in David Lynch’s book titled 'Catching the Big Fish' that he likes to “stay true” to his initial idea. I also see value in that.

But then there is a lot more to it. I really wanted to make something out of leather that people wouldn’t have to feel bad about wearing. I want to provide something ethically made that doesn’t destroy the environment and uses resources well. I am really set on keeping my production in Australia and using only chemical free materials. My accessories must be beautiful inside and outside and this is what 'ivi made' stands for.

I work from a studio that has this fantastic view of the South Hobart valley. I have many plants and my cat keeps me company all the time. We just hang out while I hand stitch my bags. I am so grateful for having this space.

I used to do fine arts and still do a lot of painting. But my paintings are never about making a concept come alive or capturing a portrait of something. They are more like images of an idea I want to manifest in my life. Like I made a painting once about two birds falling in love so that I could fall in love. Or I just paint a circle which is a Japanese meditation technique called Enso, which is about accepting the present moment.

By the way my name is Ivett and Ivi is my Hungarian nickname.

* * *