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Thank you to everybody who dropped in yesterday eve - 'Elizabeth + Birgitta' was successfully and merrily launched! 

The pair - Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza and Birgitta Helmersson of Djur - have created a six-piece collection, and it's a pretty flawless group of beautiful, wearable linen classics. A full sample set, constituting a size range (S, M, L) of each garment, is now in store. This is a made-to-order collection only. The pre-order period will end on Sunday March 13, and finished garments will be available around four weeks later. For more imagery or other enquiries, please feel free to email.

If you can, by all means visit in person to appreciate the weight and softness of the dyed cloth, the constellations of tiny hand stitches, the spotted binding, the pockets, and so on ...


All images above by Callum Ross.