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Saying goodbye



It is with some sense of separation anxiety that I write. The closure of Milly Sleeping at Elgin Street, after 12 years, is a big step. However, I also feel content that it is the right time for both Leah and I. From day one, I have been amazed at the talent, dedication and generosity of the designers/jewellers/artists with whom we have worked, and can only sincerely wish each and every one all good things for their future. I have been equally amazed at the talented, generous and wonderful women who have supported our venture and, in many cases, become valued friends. When asked what I do, I have usually replied ‘I have a shop with my daughter’. What an understatement! We have shared a wondrous journey over 12 years, and I am so proud of all that Leah has done to create the unique experience that has been ‘Milly Sleeping’.

Janette Muddle


As implied above, it is time for Milly Sleeping on Elgin Street to close. Having spoken to lots of people about our decision, and undertaken an email marathon in the past few weeks to tell dozens of others, I am just about worded out ... and happy to simply echo, here at the blog, Mum's thanks and sense of amazement. The shop's final sale is now under way, both online and in store; it is currently scheduled to run until Sunday Feb 11. Please drop in for a last look around if you can.