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Which colour?


This month's Instagram theme was COLOUR ... because the colours of garments destined for the shop this Autumn (and any season) play on the mind ... Even more than I anticipate the new styles, I anticipate the changing of colours, and can hardly wait to see certain colours in person. It is always pleasing and puzzling the way that our shop palette forms ... Despite the eclecticism of our clothing, continuity in colour more often than not eventuates - both by design and by something that's not quite chance.

Only because I thought it was a nice question to think about, I asked our busy designers "which colour (is on your mind at the moment)?" ... Their answers are listed below, as they rolled in. Is it surprising or unsurprising that there were overlaps?

Lauren (Mirador): A rusty, earthy red at the moment. I just bought tickets to see Midnight Oil in Alice Springs this summer, so the desert is on my mind.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth + Birgitta): Gumtree green and dark rusty red because I'm driving through the state's north west at the moment ...

Elise Sheehan: I have had this shade of orange on my mind - a whole building painted orange as spotted from the bullet train going from Hiroshima to Tokyo... What would it be called? Marigold orange?

Seb Brown: Dark forest green and taupe shades of tourmaline, because I bought some beautiful blue-ish, green-ish stones today!

Timi (Timi Alaere): Black and white (are there even seen as colours?). Those colours always makes me feel classy and elegant and effortless, whether dressed down or up ...

Suzan (SZN): Charcoal melange and black - thinking about winter fabrics!

Kate (Penny Sage): Green! I'm not sure why... maybe because I'm missing home and the hills and the colour makes me feel calm and grounded.

Katherine Bowman: Always Blue! Pale blue, dark blue, ultramarine blue, green blue, ocean blue, sky blue ...

Amy (Amy Eliav): I am obsessed with rusty red/orange tones at the moment. I purchased a rust-coloured dress and since I have been attracted to everything in a similar colour way. Ceramics, knitwear, leather, art etc.

Lois (Lois Hazel): Wine, a deep wine .. mainly 'cause I've been sewing so much of that colour at the moment and am a little bit obsessed with it!

Sarah (Monster Alphabets): Yes my colour is black! ... Because less is more and black is actually a combination of all colours - not the absence of them! (But you knew I would pick black anyway!)

Louise (Chorus): Fuchsia, always! Deep, bright, pink!!