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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't this used to be ..?

Yes. Until early 2018, Milly Sleeping was a lovely little shop based on Elgin Street in Carlton, selling locally-made wares by independent designers and makers from Australia and New Zealand. It was established in 2005 (which makes Milly the same age as YouTube and a San Diegan giant panda named Su Lin). With the physical store's closure, the operations of the business have both shifted and downsized. Read more here.

... Can I still try pieces on?

Yes. All items shown in the online catalogue can be made accessible at our showroom in Abbotsford; please email to arrange/ensure your item is in stock. 

Is this new or secondhand?

For a while now, we have been selling a selection of *both* new and second-hand garments and accessories. All pieces under the label 'Millicent' are pre-owned, although some of them have never actually been worn. The secondhand garments will have some notes about their condition in the item description. Care is taken to convey accurate information about each item but please ask any and many questions if you are not sure.

Do you do alterations?

Maybe/not really. We undertake some small adjustments to the garments we sell - but we are not skilled tailors. I often recommend Alteration Experts in the Hub Arcade in Melbourne's CBD, because somebody once recommended them to me.

Is Milly your cat?

Two cats reside at 157 Elgin Street but the shop was not named after either of them, nor anyone we know...

We sometimes think of Milly as the fair Millicent - a sunken treasure ship lying dormant on a deep-down seabed - but, in actual fact, 'Milly sleeping' is the name of a painting (Ernst Kirchner, 1911). We simply liked the title.