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Kate Rohde.

There has been quite a bit of rummaging through 'archive' boxes lately, looking for pieces of the past (is it the time of year, or a sign of [Milly's] age?) This morning, I went hunting for this gorgeous antelope, which (is 3D and) was made by Kate Rohde for an exhibition at Karen Woodbury Gallery in [...]

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Last night, at Brunswick Street Gallery, I spoke on behalf of Milly Sleeping to a small group of emerging designers who are exhibiting work as part of an 'expo' called 'Render'. For the evening, I scraped together this very lo-tech video ... which constitutes an unordered and uncomprehensive glance backwards through the Milly Sleeping closet. [...]

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A probable out-take from a nice photo shoot with Emily yesterday. She wears silk noil Double Collar tee by Livia Arena and Pink Warp Drop-Waist Skirt by Romance Was Born (destined for the online shop shortly).*Hello and goodbye.

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This image was stumbled across while looking at options for our regular Sunday night Insta-feature - #filmnfashn - a glimpse at memorable moments of fashion and costume in film. How great... If only I could do hairstyles. I definitely have a touch of Bj√∂rk fever in anticipation of seeing Biophilia Live at ACMI this week. PS. The picture is [...]

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A handful of great new ffiXXed pieces arrived this week, including the Rug Panel skirt pictured above (which has a tapestry-like woollen side and a drill-like cotton side). These pieces come from a collection which might not have a name but might be called 'Homebody'. At least, it's the notion of the homebody that has [...]

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Happy birthdays.

Among the best compliments to Milly is the fact that, over the years, many a person has visited the shop on their birthday (to find something/anything special). Yesterday was such a day. One of these cotton wonders by Tettmann.Doust went home with a lovely Scorpion - leaving just one remaining on our Tettmann.Doust rack in the [...]

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This is the wonderful Ephemeral Frill Top by Romance Was Born (from the current 'Reflected Glory' collection), which is now hanging in my own wardrobe as well as in the shop. I have mentally labelled it my 'splurge purchase' for the season (as though there will only be one incident of splurging). The Reflected Glory [...]

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When in Carltonia.

A pinched picture from the fbook page of Heart Attack and Vine, which is a new cicchetti bar that's just opened up around the corner from Milly, on Lygon (in the beautiful space that used to be Browns). I briefly met Emily, one of the owners, a few months ago. We discussed the pain of choosing [...]

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What a day at the NGV. 'Express Yourself: For Kids' by Romance Was Born and The Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier are both now open...

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Pick of the day.

So, this is the inaugural Pick of the Day - because it's grey and cold in Melbourne, when it should be less cold and pretty please a bit less grey. It had already caught my eye in the back room and then a really cool person singled it out, too. I said, hey, that's my [...]

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