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Quick interview with Suzan Dlouhy

One rainy morning recently, I made my way to the home-based studio of Suzan Dlouhy. Suzan's label, SZN, was introduced to Milly Sleeping in March or April of this year, and was a quiet success from the start. Not many SZN garments have made it into our online shop (although I've added a handful today), as we've tended to get in [...]

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Trading hours and postage notes

Online Christmas shoppers please note that we are still sending express parcels within Aus., and will continue to do so confidently until about mid-afternoon on Wednesday! We can gift wrap, and send directly to your recipient if you like - simply indicate your preferences in the comments section during check-out. We have a simple gift category set up, [...]

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Quick interview with Vikki Kassioras

This month, we'll be posting short and sweet interviews with four 'stars' of Milly Sleeping. We could have picked any of the brilliant designers with whom we work but an obvious first choice, at least, was Vikki Kassioras. In a very short space of time, VK conceived and created a gorgeous suite of pendants for [...]

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Hanging plant holders

Several years ago, Milly Sleeping participated in the Sustainable Living Festival, and devised a simple clothes hanger recycling program. Part of this was to imagine alternative uses for clothes hangers. Our project collaborator, artist Gian Manik, came up with the best idea, which was to make unique hanging pot holders from our excess wire hanger stash. [...]

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ASTRA by Vikki Kassioras

One of the first exhibitions shown at Milly Sleeping, in March 2006, involved jeweller Vikki Kassioras ... so it's a great pleasure to host a tiny but very special display of work created by VK at this curly end of 2016. Titled ASTRA, the display comprises unique pendants, made from sterling silver and pink bronze. The [...]

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Shoe pop-up ongoing ...

In case you haven't gleaned via Instagram, we extended our lovely Penny Sage pop-up ... Ie. the shoes, made in Melbourne by Post Sole Studio, remain available in store, to view and try and buy. To recap, we have in stock the Marla slingback (RRP $445) in toffee patent and olive green leather ... the Lisi sandal (also RRP [...]

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Post Sole Studio for Penny Sage

The first time I was in touch with Myra Spencer from Post Sole Studio about the arrival of the Penny Sage shoes, she gave me a provisional time and then warned that boxing up the shoes might take she and her PSS partner, Breeze Powell, longer than they estimate. From start to finish, shoe-making is a slow and demanding, hands-on process, [...]

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Marta Buda

  Marta Buda is a designer and maker of wonderful textiles. You may well know that she works with Kate Megaw of Penny Sage - creating prints for the label's seasonal collections, as well as producing very beautiful handmade accessories. This season, Marta has woven individual panels for the Penny Sage Sidra Slide (now in store [...]

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Top to toe at the studio of Alexi Freeman.

Alexi Freeman is a person of eclectic capabilities, and his studio reflects this. The last time I dropped in to look at a new range of bangles, produced by AF with one of his lovely ongoing collaborators, Kate Rohde, another of his lovely ongoing collaborators - Tessa Blazey - was there, and the two were [...]

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Penny Sage Shoe Shop

This Saturday, October 22, we open a Melbourne first - a Penny Sage shoe shop...It's an exciting enterprise that has been in the works for a little while, based upon customer enquiries into the whereabouts of the beautiful shoes by our one Auckland-based label. We will be presenting three Summer styles, made here in Melbourne by Post [...]

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