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Interview with Seb Brown

'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown for Milly Sleeping has entered its final week (closing Sunday July 05)! As its the second of three installations showing in store this year specifically featuring new work by jewellers who draw, we were keen to know about Seb's particular take on the relationship between the 2D and the 3D. [...]

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A bit of colour and warmth and blur from Milly's photo archive, and from our back room. All of these lovely knits - by Soot, Dorota and High Tea - have just been further discounted. Sizes very limited (click on images to go window shopping).*  *  *Questions please - Hello and goodbye.

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In store only (pt. two)

Black. Hard to photograph (apologies for the crummy images) but very easy to adopt. Lots of people suggest to us that they wear too much black. I understand that feeling but I also just think - *shrug*, roll with it. Black is beautiful. Evidence above by Temps Perdu, Chorus, ffiXXed, Raggatt and Kuwaii. All of these pieces [...]

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Recent Sketches by Seb Brown

Yesterday, Seb Brown dropped by Milly Sleeping and - in no time at all really - set up our latest exhibition. Called 'Recent Sketches', it's a very compelling little show, made up of very compelling (mostly little) pieces: new jewels, objects and illustrations. It opens this morning but will officially launch tomorrow (Thurs) night, between 6 [...]

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In store only (pt. one)

Above... a number of lovely pieces that have not (yet) made it into our online shop... These include some of the most useful pieces in store - for example/s, the Kuwaii Tone Roll Neck Tees and the Kara Liu navy Esgair Shirt, which were sell-out styles that we re-ordered because they are so darn nice.If [...]

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It's quite satisfying on a very gloomy Melbourne morning to finish uploading a bundle of the shop's cosiest offerings into the online shop, including new custom-made beanies and scarves by Marcelle et Clo, hand-knitted by Clo. in Sydney. Clo. is from Paris, and has been living in Woollahra for just 10 months. It was incredibly good [...]

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The long and short of it.

There are many good things to see in Melbourne all the time. I feel like a chronic 'misser' - with best intentions to get to all manner of shows and exhibitions and talks and films, but... you know. As such, it was a small surprise to me when, during arrangements for her current installation at [...]

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Wendy and I found a patch of sunshine to do an overdue shoot, featuring some very beautiful things by Jenny Kee and Romance Was Born. Many of these pieces are 'lucky lasts', including some extremely lucky last end-of-print-run scarves by JK. There is also a lucky first - Jenny Kee's most recent artwork, called 'Joy'. Milly [...]

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This weekend.

Today is ANZAC Day, and Milly Sleeping will be open from 11am until 5pm. The weather seems to back up the notion that this is a good day to have a slow day, a quiet day.Tomorrow, we officially launch 'My Assemblages' by Katherine Bowman. Please feel most welcome to drop in, between 3 and 5pm. The [...]

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'My Assemblages' by Katherine Bowman

We are extremely proud to be hosting a multi-faceted exhibition by the wonderful Katherine Bowman (opening today!). There are sterling silver rings, hand-painted brass pendants, watercolour artworks and KB's idiosyncratic pipe-cleaner pieces. She has put untold hours into making these intricate, magical works (which are limited in number as a consequence!). More details, thoughts and [...]

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